Casio Solar Watches

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Casio Solar Watches

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Casio make a huge range of solar powered watches. Casio Solar watches are powered by the sun and the batteries last a very long time, most often the entire life of the watch. Modern solar watches will charge even in low light conditions, such as under cloudy skies or fluorescent lighting. They have large capacity rechargeable batteries; so that they can run for a long time in total darkness, once they have been charged.

Some Casio solar watches have no battery at all. The power collected by the solar cells, which are hidden in the watch face, is stored in a capacitor, so you will never have to change a battery.

There is of course much more than convenience to a Casio solar watch. Discarded batteries make a huge contribution to the earth’s pollution; they include many hazardous compounds including alkalines, cadmium, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, silver, and zinc. When the batteries are put into your rubbish bins they end up in the land fill, where these compounds poison the earth and any water source that they may leak into.

Obviously the health of the planet would be much better if all batteries were replaced with long lasting solar charged batteries and wearing a Casio solar powered watch is somewhere for us all to start.

Now the great thing about Casio solar watches is that they come in such a wide variety of styles with a huge range of functions. You can get any sort of watch that you want, that is suitable for any type of occasion or activity.

Casio’s solar watch range includes:

Standard Digital watches with a wide range of functions that come with both resin and stainless steel bands.

EDIFICE watches have analogue displays and feature a Tough Solar Power System and a chronograph driven by five motors. They come in a range of models including the 3-D Chronograph, 1/1000th second 3-D Chronograph, Triple Sequential Chronograph and Quattro Dial Chronograph.

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Tough G-Shock watches have unique shock and vibration resistance. Some of the range feature resistance to centrifugal gravitational force, which makes them entirely suitable for aviators. They come in a wide variety of colours and include the specialist ranges Mudman, Riseman and Gulfman.

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Sheen dress watches can be worn by women for any formal occasion. They include the Cruise Line with quality sapphire glass, Chronographs with unique designs and functionality, Multi-Hand each with a different function, the 3 Hand Analog with its simple feminine design and can even be matched with your mans Edifice model.

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Protrek PRG watches are widely used by outdoor adventurers and have a combination analogue and digital display. They don’t just tell you the time they display altitude differential, barometric pressure and direction.

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The Pathfinder comes in black and purple and includes a digital compass, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, stop watch, world time, 5 independent daily alarms and a calendar amongst its features.

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The Baby G range for women and girls. Which includes water resistant sports watches and can include standard digital or analogue displays.

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