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We will keep you upto date with all the latest news from Casio Watches. Please check this page often for the latest releases and information on not only Casio Solar Watches but the entire Casio watch range.

BGA-150 and BGA-151Casio Releases New Big Open Face Baby-G
Watches for Women The new BGA-150 and BGA-151 Baby-G models have a simple, stylish design with a big face that really demands attention. Large
indexes and hands, complement the big, open watch face. These models also have 3 LCD windows on the dial that show the day of the week, seconds, and mode. As well as white the watches are available in Black and two tone Black/Purple, Pink/Gray, White/Green and White/Beige
Casio GA-150-1ADFCasio have released a new range of G Shock GA-150-1ADF watches with a stunning new three dimensional watch face. Casio say that the new look expresses the toughness and strength of the watch. The resin material of the watch is said to look as if the watch was carved out of a block of stone. The new models are water resistant to 200m and have all the familiar G Shock features of world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, 5 alarms and LED light. In addition to the black model pictured, they are also available in white, blue, green and orange.   
Casio’s new Protrek has all of the functions of the previous models, compass, barometer, altimeter and thermometer, but it displays them all via the hands on an analog display.  This is a great looking watch that can be worn anywhere, even as a dress watch, as well as on those treks and high altitude adventures.
The Casio PRX-7000T has four hands which display all functions, including the regular hours, minutes and seconds. The fourth hand is a mode indicator. The watch features Casio’s Smart Access system with an electronic crown switch that, intuitively pulled or turned, allows the user to do things like adjust the altitude or set world times, for easy operability.

Casio Introduced some fantastic looking new models in February 2012

Metallic Dial Series DW-6900MR-1JF
DW-6900MR-7JF Casio G-Shock Mirror-Metallic White Mens Digital Watch - Casio DW6900NB-7 AWG-M100A-3AJF
Casio Men's AWG100-1A G-Shock Multi-Band Solar Atomic Analog Watch



Personally, I like the analogue dial models AWG-M100's and Sky Cockpit GW-4000 G-Shocks. But don't ask me to pick between the various face colours, I think that they all look great.

I know the DW-6900 models have a whole legion of their own fans and the new Metallic Dial series will definitely be popular with the G Shock 6900 devotees.


GW-4000D-1AJF Sky Cockpit GW-4000D-1AJF Casio G-shock SKY Cockpit Multiband6 Japanese Model [ Gw-3000bb-1ajf ] GW-4000A-1AJF GW-4000A-1AJF Casio G-shock SKY Cockpit Multiband6 Japanese Model [ Gw-3500bb-1ajf ] GW-4000-1AJF GW-4000-1AJF GW-4000-1A3JF GW-4000-1A3JF
Casio G-shock SKY Cockpit Multiband6 Japanese Model [ Gw-3000bd-1ajf ]



Casio Releases G-SHOCK Nigel Sylvester Signature Model
GD-100NS Nigel Sylvester signature model
The release of the new G-SHOCK Nigel Sylvester Signature Model, the GD-100NS, was announced in Tokyo in August. Casio supports Nigel Sylvester, a professional BMX street rider, as an official G-SHOCK team rider. The collaborative model infuses Nigel’s
street style with G-SHOCK’s toughness to complement and withstand his riding needs.

With a striking white band that features Nigel’s birth year of 1987, the watch boasts a contrasting black face featuring the BMX professional’s signature emblazoned in red. Staying true to Nigel’s need for a tough and durable watch; the new collaborative
model is shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters. In addition to these, the new watch is fitted with rugged capabilities including a high-brightness LED backlight, 48-city
world time function, five alarms, a stopwatch and a countdown timer.

G-shock Nigel Sylvester Colab Watch GD-100NS-7 Now Available from Amazon. Click Here
Casio Introduces New PROTREK Watch with Water Resistance
to 200 Meters for Outdoor Activities in the Mountains or Ocean

PRG-250 ProtrekPRG-250T Protrek
Also released in July was a new PROTREK outdoor watch. The new PRG-250 and 250T watches offer the functions needed for not only mountain sports, but also ocean and water sports activities, including 200-meter water-resistance and a tide graph function.

Casio continues to improve its PROTREK series of outdoor watches featuring sensor technology by incorporating advice from expert mountain climbers and trail runners. The PRG-130 released in 2008 gained popularity as the first triple-sensor watch with 200-meter water-resistance. The three sensors enable display of compass bearings, atmospheric pressure/altitude and temperature.

Along with the popular tide graph and 200-meter water resistance, the new triple-sensor PRG-250 and 250T boast a dual-layer LCD that can display different types of data simultaneously.
Casio Releases Limited Edition Red Bull Racing Models
in Sporty EDIFICE Line of Metal Watches


In July Casio announced the release of EQW-A1000RB and EQS-A1000RB, new limited edition Red Bull Racing watches in its EDIFICE line of metal watches that capture the essence of speed and intelligence. Casio is an official partner of Red Bull Racing.

Red Bull Racing is a dynamic and young Formula One team that has been competing since 2005. The team won two titles in the 2010 season with the Formula One Constructors’ Championship and the Formula One Drivers’ Championship. Red Bull Racing is the leading point scorer this season, dominating the competition thus far.

EDIFICE watches evoke a sense of velocity and motor sports energy with the movement of the hands and distinctive watchface. Casio has supported Red Bull Racing as an official partner since 2009, recognizing that the youthful image and energy of the team, as
well as its outstanding technology development capabilities, are a perfect match for the EDIFICE brand concept.
Casio Develops New G-SHOCK That Communicates with Smart Phones
Bluetooth G-Shock

In March this year Casio announced that it has developed a next-generation watch with Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless Technology for its G-SHOCK brand of shock-resistant watches.

Designed in accordance with new Bluetooth® Core Specification Version 4.0 standards, Bluetooth® Low Energy is a new technology that enables wireless communications with very low power consumption. Casio participated in determining the standards for
Bluetooth® Low Energy as a member of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG), an association of companies that decides on Bluetooth® standards and authorizes certification.

Casio’s new G-SHOCK watch is the first in a line of new watches that will use Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless Technology, with a function that can adjust time automatically all over the world. Casio is positioning these watches as next-generation wristwatches.

The watch supports communication with Bluetooth® Low Energy smart phones to enable automatic synchronization with smart phone time. Smart phones automatically acquire the local time when moving between countries and regions in different time zones, which
means that the synchronized watch will adjust to the time in its present location automatically.
Casio Releases New Multi-function EDIFICE Chronograph with Improved Ease of Use
In March Casio also announced today the release of a new addition to its EDIFICE line of metal watches which capture the essence of speed and intelligence. The new  EQW-A1000DB chronograph features Casio’s “Smart Access” system, which makes
its various functions easier to use than ever.

The “Smart Access” system independently drives the hour, minute, and second hands using separate motors. As a result, when switching between functions, the individual hands are able to move quickly without any interference, for the feeling of smooth
operation. The electronic crown switch enables the hands to be set intuitively by turning the crown. The crown can also be pushed like a button to switch between functions.

The EQW-A1000DB chronograph features easy operation of a wide array of functions, including a 1/20-second stopwatch, timer, alarm, and World Time.

Casio Edifice Multiband6 Japanese Model [ EQW-A1000DB-1AJF ] now available from Amazon. Click Here
Casio Introduces New OCEANUS Watch Featuring Rich Functionality and Smooth Feel

Another March release was the new OCEANUS solar-powered radio-controlled watch. The new OCW-T1000D comes with Casio’s “Smart Access” system, which makes its powerful functions easier to use than ever.

True to the OCEANUS identity of elegance and technology, every OCEANUS solar-powered radio-controlled watch delivers outstanding functionality in a full metal case. OCEANUS watches have been very well received for their refined, sporty European design,
ultra-reliable high-performance movement, and functionality driven by five independent motors that move each hand smoothly.

The new OCW-T1000D chronograph features Casio’s “Smart Access” system for easy use of multiple functions, including a 1/20-second stopwatch and a multi time function that displays the current time in 29 cities.

Casio Oceanus Smart Access Model [ OCW-T1000E-2AJF ] Now available from Amazon. Click Here
Casio Releases New SHEEN Watches with Glittering Milky Way and Shooting Stars
March was abig month for Casio announcements also released were several new SHEEN metal watches for women. The new SHE-5514 models feature a glittering dial that evokes a beautiful night sky complete with the Milky Way and shooting stars.

The SHEEN line of metal watches offer a gorgeous look for smart and elegant women. The distinctive face designs and the movement of the hands have made these watches especially popular with younger ladies.

The new SHE-5514 watches feature a dual-layer dial. The upper level of the dial is boldly cut by flowing lines, exposing a lower dial studded with large and small stars. This creates the impression of the Milky Way, glittering in the night sky.
Casio F-91W Digital Wristwatch

This is not good news for Casio Watches, it has been revealed that the Casio F-91W digital watch is favoured by Al-Qaida explosives specialists. It is believed to be given to students at Al Quaida bomb making schools and used to train in in timing devices. Up to one third of the Guantanamo detainees who had these watches were known to be associated with a location where IEDs were prepared in Afghanistan.

My advice, avoid the Casio F-91W and buy a Pathfinder

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