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Here’s a look at some of the new Casio G Shock 2015 watches that have been introduced, or are or about to be released.
2015 has been a bumper year for new G Shock models.

The biggest release must be the Bluetooth equipped Smart Phone G-Shock for all those tech fans. But there are heaps of new designs and functions in the new models. Some of the new looks are the best that I have seen. There’s a whole lot of new Baby-G models, some have LED power and there is a great new Mudman

Casio G-SHOCK Bluetooth Low Energy Watch  

The Casio G-SHOCK Bluetooth Low Energy G Shock 2015 Watch features: Time Correction from any smart phone to the watch to ensure the watch always displays the correct time anywhere in the world; Alerts for Incoming Calls, Email and SMS from your smart phone to the watch and a Finder Function that enables users to locate a misplaced phone by activating the alarm and vibration functions of their smart phone by pressing a button on the watch.
MTG-1200-1AJF MTG-1200-1AJF
This is a personal favourite G Shock 2015 watch of mine. I love the steel look around the face and in the wrist band. The layout of the face and its inset dials and calendar really appeal to me too.
MTG-1200B-1AJF MTG-1200B-1AJF
This is basically the same G Shock 2015 model as above, but in plain black. It’s still a very cool look to my eyes.
GW-9300GY-1JF GW-9300GY-1JF
The new G Shock 2015 Mudman has a very nice understated look and could easily be worn as day or even evening wear as well as for those messy outside pursuits. It still features outstanding mud and dust resistance, as well as a host of functions too numerous to list again.

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GW-9200GYJ-1JF GW-9200GYJ-1JF
The G Shock 2015 Riseman has gone through a similar upgrade in looks.

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GW-9110GY-1JF GW-9110GY-1JF
As has the G Shock 2015 Gulfman. I believe they are all looking even better in 2015

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GWF-T1000BS The Frogman

GWF-T1000BS The G Shock 2015 Frogman features moon and tide data and graphs. It is also radio controlled for the most precise accurate time. This feature is included in many of the 2015 models. They are always accurate because the watch receives a regular signal calculated by atomic clocks, the most precise timekeepers in the world. No setting or adjusting your watch will always be exactly on time.


MRG-8100JP MR-G G-Shock 2015. OK this is not one I expect you to rush out and buy, but it’s worth a look especially if you’re numbers come up in a big lottery.

It is a super-limited edition with only 50 of them produced. Around the dial outer chapter ring made of 18k gold, and the inner chapter ring is carefully hand-painted with vermilion lacquer by Aizu craftsmen. The MR-G logo printed on the side buttons is made of ruby crystal. This 2015 G-Shock has a high quality titanium band and case. And it comes in a special black lacquer case. This price is an astounding $7,000 USD. It will only be on sale at specially selected shops worldwide.

BGA-130 with Neon IlluminatorBGA-131 with Neon Illuminator

BGA-130 and BGA-131with Neon Illuminator. Here are a couple of the new  G Shock 2015  Baby-G models. A great look and novelty, especially at night.

Casio Sheen Watches

Here a couple of new models from the Sheen range. Nice classy looks for night time attire and those special dressing up occasions.

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Edifice EFR-501SP   Edifice EFR-501SP
Some nice looks in the Edifice range. So the men can match their ladies for style

EQW-A1000 DB

EQW-A1000 DB as well as great looks, this model also includes the absolutely precise radio controlled synchronization feature.

Oceanus OCW-T1000D  

Oceanus OCW-T1000D The Oceanus range features a wealth of functions to back up it’s stylish looks.


SHE-7506SG another stylish model in the SHE range. The Sapphire glass produces a great visual effect.

Protrek PRW-2500 and PRW-2500T

Protrek PRW-2500 and PRW-2500T G Shock 2015's. Let’s finish with a couple of models from the Protrek range. Again proving you do not have to sacrifice style for huge functionality.

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