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G Shock 6900 G Shock 6900 G Shock 6900

G Shock 6900

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G shock 6900 is a term that describes the original face layout of Casio’s range of G-Shock watches. It now covers a huge range of watches with that same G shock 6900 layout, but a huge diversity of colours, styles and functionality.

G shock 6900   
DW6900 Has a mirror dial and comes in gloss and metallic finishes it also includes contrasting band loops.
G shock 6900
DW6900CS is a classic G-Shock 6900 Watch with strong shock resistance, 200M WR, countdown timer, 1/100 sec. stopwatch and an auto-calendar. It has a resin band available in a range of colours with contrasting coloured faces.
G shock 6900
DW6900FS is another classic G-Shock 6900 watch featuring Shock resistance, 200M WR, countdown timer, 1/100 sec. stopwatch and auto-calendar. It has a Grey resin band and neutral digital watch face.
G shock 6900
DW6900MS is a new military series of watches which includes some of the very best, toughest  and durable designs from the G-Shock ORIGIN and MASTER OF G line-ups.
Mirror face G shock 6900
DW6900NB is also part of the new Mirror-Metallic G-Shock series for 2011. It has a dynamic sweeping print on its lustrous band. It includes metallic black and white colors for both subtle and clean appearance; a purple model is also included in the range to create a dynamic accent to any fashion outfit.
G shock 6900 white
DW6900R another G-Shock 6900 Classic Watch featuring Shock resistance, 200M WR, countdown timer, 1/100 sec. stopwatch and auto-calendar with White resin watch strap with a neutral face and contrasting bands on the strap.
Metallic G shock 6900
DW6900SB Based on the success of the 1st mirror face DW6900CB series, G-Shock introduces a brand this new mirror metallic series. The reflective mirror dial and lustrous metallic finish of the case and band adds plenty of style to the wearer’s wrist. This combined with a color LCD creates a striking visual impact that is a perfect fit for today’s street fashions.
G shock 6900
G6900CC Merges technology and fashion, this new model has a new color variation on the very popular 5600 Series. It has a vivid color EL backlight and Self Adjusting Tough Solar Power, a Black resin band highlights the red face
G shock 6900 review
GLX6900 now for the first time, the G-Lide series of G-Shock watches introduces the 6900 case into the line-up. Like all G-Lide, this new model is packed with Tide Graph and Moon Phase functions that are essential for surfing and other marine sports. And now it is available in the most popular G-Shock case design with striking luminous colours setting off the black band and case.
Surfers G shock 6900
GLX6900A is also engineered with surfers in mind, the G-Lide GLX6900 design comes packed with Tide and Moon Phase Graph functionality, all inside the most popular case shape to date. Its matte yellow color, highlighted with an array of 80’s inspired colors and a low-key checkered band print are sure to get everyone’s attention
G shock 6900
GLX6900XA this is an exciting new union of G-Shock, for action sports enthusiasts, and Hawaiian street wear. Based on the DW6900, which has long been the undisputed favorite among pro surfers and part of street culture the world over, the subdued design of the GLX6900XA-9 is based on a reggae culture theme. Red, green and yellow unite in perfect harmony and golden rays adorn the watch face. Turning on the EL backlight causes the words "ONE LOVE" to appear on the display, which expresses a message of world peace.
Atomic G shock 6900
GW6900 is a new Solar Atomic model which is based on the original DW6900 model, G-Shock’s best-selling case design.  With this model, a Solar Atomic Timekeeping system was employed without changing the basic design of the watch.  This makes it possible to generate power to keep the watch running with extreme accuracy and minimal exposure to normal lighting.
G shock 6900 white
GW6900B is based on the success of the DW6900CS with its neon highlights on a gloss black case and wrist band, G-Shock brings the same design cues to its Solar Atomic 5600 series of timepieces. Blending technology with fashion, this classic case, is done up in gloss black, contrasted by neon green accents and matching reverse LCD. With its Tough Solar Power & Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping, this new timepiece fashionably showcases G-Shock’s Self-Adjusting, Self Charging technology
G shock 6900 black
GW6900F adds a touch of color to the ORIGIN Solar Atomic series; G-Shock introduces the GW6900 in matte white with plum accents and matching reverse LCD. It’s a clean look with enough contrast to set it apart form the rest.
All of the above model numbers are normally suffixed with a number which indicates the colour, where a choice of colours is available.

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Check out the entire range of Casio Solar Watches from Amazon